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Fungi: Basidiomycota: Agaricomycetes: Agaricales: Tricholomataceae: Cantharellopsis prescotii (Weinm.) Kuyper, 1986

Cantharellopsis prescotii

Synonyms: Cantharellus albidus, Cantharellus prescotii, Clitocybe albida, Gerronema prescotii, Hygrophoropsis albida.

Russian name: Lozhnaya lisichka Preskota.

Extract from Wikipedia article: Cantharellopsis is a tan- to whitish-colored bryophilous monotypic genus in the Hymenochaetales. The fruit bodies of the single species Cantharellopsis prescotii has a form intermediate between an Omphalina and a chanterelle (Cantharellus) because of its forked, fold-like gills. It inhabits moss on calcareous soils in temperate regions of Europe. Phylogenetically related agarics are in the genera Contumyces, Gyroflexus, Loreleia, Rickenella and Blasiphalia, as well as the stipitate-stereoid genera Muscinupta and Cotylidia and the clavarioid genus, Alloclavaria.

Photos of this mushroom from the area of St. Petersburg, Russia

Elastic mushrooms <B>Cantharellopsis prescotii</B>(?) in area of Old Sylvia in Pavlovsk Park. Pavlovsk near Saint Petersburg, Russia, <A HREF="../date-en/2016-07-28.htm">July 28, 2016</A>
LinkElastic mushrooms Cantharellopsis prescotii(?) in area of Old Sylvia in Pavlovsk Park. Pavlovsk near Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 28, 2016
Location on mapsБеседка великому князю Вячеславу Константиновичу, Rozovopavilyonnaya al., Pavlovsk, g. Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 196621


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