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Тексты программ для создания веб-страниц

main Main Mathematica notebook
mainprogr Workflow program
functions Definitions of functions
maintain-date Web page for a given date
maintain-dates-kml Creating geo files *.kml for each date
maintain-dates Group pictures by dates
maintain-dumpsave Saving session - for possible debugging
maintain-english-bms List of English names from britmycolsoc.org.uk
maintain-getdata Getting mushroom data from catalogueoflife.org
maintain-indexa Alphabetical list
maintain-indexc Pictures grouped by dates
maintain-indexf Index file sorted by full classification line
maintain-indexf-ru Index file sorted by full classification line - Russian language
maintain-index Main index file
maintain-init Beginning operations
maintain-kml Creating geo files *.kml for each mushroom
maintain-list Getting list of mushrooms
maintain-montage Creating photomontage of group of pictures
maintain-montage-names Photomontage of pictures for each collection
maintain-mpages Web page for each mushroom species
maintain-names Reading list of mushroom names and translations from several Internet sources
maintain-programs Printing list of programs
maintain-readdata Reading mushroom data for IDs from saved files
maintain-redirect Redirecting obsolete name to a new name
maintain-russian-ecosystema List of Russian names from ecosystema.ru
maintain-russian-lenoblast List of Russian names from gribylenoblasti.ru
maintain-russian Operations with Russian letters
maintain-russian-mycoweb List of Russian names from mycoweb.narod.ru
maintain-russian-novosibirsk List of Russian names from mycology.su
maintain-russian-svetlova List of Russian names from mycoweb-stv.ru
maintain-russian-uloma List of Russian names from gribovedy.rf
maintain-russian-wikigrib List of Russian names from http://wikigrib.ru
maintain-russian-wiki List of Russian family names from ru.wikipedia.org
maintain-selectid Selecting ID for each name
maintain-sitemap Creating sitemap for Google
maintain-spbmyco Text to upload to spbmyco.ru
maintain-species Web page for a given mushroom
maintain-species-ru Web page for a given mushroom - Russian language
maintain-translations Translations
maintain-weather-date Weather for a given date
maintain-weather Weather data
maintain-wiki Get Wikipedia articles
replnames Recently changed names with the newest replacements
date date.htm - template web page
date-ru date-ru.htm - template web page
indexa indexa.htm - template web page
indexa-ru indexa-ru.htm - template web page
indexc indexc.htm - template web page
indexc-ru indexc-ru.htm - template web page
indexf indexf.htm - template web page
indexf-ru indexf-ru.htm - template web page
index index.htm - template web page
index-ru index-ru.htm - template web page
program program.htm - template web page
program-ru program-ru.htm - template web page
species species.htm - template web page
species-ru species-ru.htm - template web page
addnames Additional names that are missing in lists taken from Internet
transru Additional or preferable Russian translations
info Description of variables



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